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Awesome-4U Online Store,                      No: 20/7-A, 1st Lane,                              Mahindarama Road,                                            Etul Kotte, Kotte,                                                      Sri Jayawardanapura                                            [Postal Code: 10100],                                            Sri Lanka.

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Importantly, Buddhism pursues happiness by using knowledge and practice to achieve mental equanimity. Similarly, In Buddhism, equanimity, or peace of mind, is achieved by detaching oneself from the cycle of craving that produces “Dukkha.” So by achieving a mental state where you can detach from all the passions, needs, and wants of life, you free yourself and achieve a state of transcendent bliss and well-being.

As described in the first verse of the Dhammapada, for Buddha, mental dysfunction begins in the mind. The Buddha encouraged his followers to pursue “tranquility” and “insight” as the mental qualities that would lead to Nirvana, the Ultimate Reality.

Further, the Buddha once described the mind as a wild horse. Precisely, In the Eightfold Path, he recommends practicing “right effort” by first avoiding and then clearing our minds of negative, unwholesome thoughts. Once that is achieved, one perfects a wholesome, tranquil state of mind through the practice of positive thinking. This ongoing effort promotes a state of mind that is conducive to the practice of mindfulness and concentration (meditation).  To Learn More………….

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