About Us and Awesome – 4U 

If you really wanna know about me more …………

Hi!  Iam Sanath 59 years old. I am the Managing Director and the owner of the Awesome-4U[PVT]Ltd.  

My spouse is Kamani and our son is Devin.  We are living in Sri Jayawardanapura, Sri Lanka.  I like to travel, learn stuff, and teach stuff. Because of that I started this new project.  At present,  I am a pensioner of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and working as an online marketing entrepreneur for my pleasure.  Moreover, I am a Volunteer Social Serviceman and that is my passion.   

 I am trying to introduce My passion to my site.  Also, quality lifestyle products that people most searching and like to have, for their ease of life and their happiness.

About Us and Our Desire with Awesome-4U

My aim is to help people to bring their life to the next level by introducing them valuable Products, Programs, Software, Training, Education Programs in Click Bank, DigiStore-24, and Other Affiliate Programs which are not available publicly in stores or pharmacies.  So I came up with Awesome-4U to give utmost to the society.

We are trying to help you by introducing quality products when you need. For that we are conducting many researches and try our best to give you the true and fair facts about the products to make you ease taking buying decision. If you buy these products using my links then you help me by providing my cost of living.  We both on a Win-Win position.  I recommend it for you and it is totally 100% your choice to be an action taker.  You will never fail.  My main aim is to be a part of the generation that takes to the next level with this advanced technology. 

About Us and Awesome – 4 U Affiliate Disclaimer

Of-course, If you buy anything through my affiliate links I may earn small commission.  Even though, there is no additional chargers for you. Thank you for supporting Awesome-4U.com.  So I can provide you more valuable content and products for your use- age.

About Us and Awesome – 4 U Team Dedication 

I love to do researches on the products and add new things to the shop one by one day by day because it is really time-consuming and also love to teach other people what I know.

Since we have the internet, I can teach people about life, how to apply Buddhism to all kinds of your problems, how to make your mind face problems and how to be a true person to society, and many more things while I am asleep or doing something else.  I love that!

If I can be good to society and at least one person makes use of my effort that is my ultimate happiness.

My Motto 

“People Meant To Be People” I mean it thoroughly and I dedicated my life for those words.

Sanath Keerthisinghe .

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Sanath Keerthisinghe - MD, Awesome - 4 U

Few Projects that I dedicated myself to the society

About us and Awesome-4U
Represented District 306 C 2 - We launched many projects through out rural areas
Distributed Wheel Chairs
About us and Awesome-4U
Distributed Spectacles

Since childhood, my passion was to engage with social volunteering.  We, village friends together completed many projects for uplifting poor people’s living standards to some extent by helping them with labour, money, goods, and services when they building their houses or digging a well for water etc.

On Poya days we dedicated to the religious activities in the village temple by providing flowers to worship Buddha and also providing “Dana”[Breakfast and Lunch] for the community who observing “Sil”.

When I joined the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in 1987 we completed many projects with my staff for the schools and orphanages by providing shelters, renovating orphanage blocks and washrooms also providing food.

Even now we continuing this with our annual get-together. 

Memories with International Communities