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Economic Crisis In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is experiencing a severe economic crisis these days. Not because of any other reason other than the Corrupted political leaders of this country. One regime ruined Sri Lanka using the country’s Land Institutes and the people’s tax money selling and using them like their private property. Our total debt for the whole world is nearly $13 trillion out of which we have Fixed assets of only $ 1.8 trillion according to the Government Auditor-General’s Report.

Corrupted Politicians Looted Poor People Tax Money

Rest we have no evidence for any fixed assets or current assets. But we have one eye witness that is how the Rajapaksha Regime Become the First of the Top 10 Billioniers in Sri Lanka.

Now Poor People are protesting along the street and begging for food, water, Gas, Fuel, and electricity. We have a power cut for 5 hours to 13 hours per day due to insufficient fuel stocks. Also, we have no foreign reserves for importing goods for food.  Our inflation rate is skyrocketing. 

This is a great issue we are facing now. A lot more to write, but I know that is wasting your time and my time and makes no sense for either one.

Our Gratitude For Your Donations

This is in brief of our current situation and I know you may have heard better than this via your news channels about the current situation. This Video in brief explains to you what had gone through exactly.

I just explain this to make a humble request from the world in this hard time.

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According to INDIA WION Channel, This is what happened to Sri Lanka.