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Sri Lankan Corrupted Politicians' ruin this beautiful Mother Land

This site is for you 

We dedicated the site for the people who is searching for the eternal freedom of the life.
Our main aim is to provide the pure content of advance buddhism in laymen language in English as worldly people able to understand and make use for their day today  life to have their mental freedom.  Also, to make them aware how to be free from burdensome life. How to use everything and have all kinds of relationships without attaching them where it brings you lots of headaches or pains mentally and physically.

In Buddhism Lord Buddha taught us wonderful methods and we are going to explain them one by one. Hence the site maintenance cost is very high we expect your kind support which gives us boost to write more content for the site.

All the pages in the site we have included affiliate products and google adsense ads thinking that we can cover the cost of the site which is less than 25 dollars  for a month but unable.

Amidst all these economic crises issues now feel so hard to bear this cost any more.  Hence,  your kind support at this stage is greatly appreciated. 

Sri Lankan Corrupted Politicians Looted Poor People Tax Money

Actually this is a man made crisis.  Since these 75 years what have they done cannot be forgiven.  Either they have sold most of our economic hubs to different countries for the small amounts of their actual value expecting the commissions for their private pockets or else they have made them their own properties using their political powers.  Still they keep on doing so.  Our total debts cost around 15 trillion.  According to our General Auditor we have only 1.8 trillion assets. Rest nobody knows what had happened.

People getting poor and poorer where is the leaders getting richer and richest. The only evidence that we have is the Forbs Millionaire list where the Rajapaksha’s in the Top 10 of the list. See the list below. 
Top 10 Richest People in Sri Lanka in 2022

Now Poor People are protesting along the street and begging for food, water, Gas, Fuel, and electricity. In the mean time Sri Lanka Government begging countries for funds.  IMF granted some IMF program with the highly influential conditions to the middle class of the Sri Lankan society and it creates more worse scenario.

According to the IMF our Government imposed high  tax cut plus very high Electricity and water bill increase.  On the other hand because of the Rupee value depreciation all the essential goods prices were increased and now poor people cannot breath.

This is a great issue we are facing now. A lot more to write, but I know that is wasting your time and my time and makes no sense for either one.

Our Gratitude For Your Donations

This is in brief of our current situation and I know you may have heard better than this via your news channels about the current situation. 

I just explain this to make a humble request from the world in this hard time.

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