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If you are running the office and regularly work with PDF formats then Simpli PDF Converter is one of the best suitable software for you.  Simpli PDF helps you to convert PDF format into any kind of other formats like Word, Excel, Jpeg ………………….etc.

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PDF Converter – PDF Simpli

What is PDFSimpli?

Wonderful PDF Converter – PDFSimpli is another exciting product from LegalSimpli Software LLC.  PDFSimpli is online software that allows users to convert multiple documents into PDFs.  At the same time  PDFs into multiple document types.

It is also a full-fledged PDF editor with advanced features such as signing documents and adding watermarks. PDFSimpli can help you fill out existing PDF forms or create your own. PDFSimpli is simply the best PDF Software online.

Do I download or install anything?

Nope. PDFSimpli is 100% online. No downloads or installs are necessary.

Where are my documents stored?

Very easily, all documents are stored on Microsoft’s Azure cloud with 256-byte SSL encryption. You can also store documents on your favorite online document storage services.  Such as Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, and Dropbox integration. And lastly, don’t forget that you can download documents to your laptop or print them.

Can I try for Risk-Free?

Yes! Yes, you can. You can try it risk-free with our 14 Day Full Access Account. For only $1.95 you can test out our software with no strings attached, and receive a refund for 30 days, no questions asked. But you won’t want to, because you’ll love our editor!

How do I fill forms in PDF Simpli?

Now we get to the fun stuff! Just click on any of the fields of a form to get started. If it is a text field, type in your answer. If a drop-down or radial, just make your selection. Remember, that you can click and drag text in the document.

How do I add text to my document?

Add text, shapes, whiteout & more to PDF files

How do I add a signature?

Click the signature button and sign your signature. It is that easy with PDF Simpli!

How do I copy and paste text?

Select the text symbol and drag it across the text. Press Ctrl C or Open Apple C to copy text. Press Ctrl P or Open Apple C to paste the test. Just like you do everywhere else!

How do I edit a document?

Simply open the document in PDFSimpli to get full editing access.

Many more things to do with PDF Simpli. 14 days free trial

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