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People have ambitious goals targets in their respective lives.  Whatever the goal ultimate desire is to achieve them.  For achieving those people may use different methods and some may good while others may bad and harmful to society.  Likewise, people have desires to succeed in internet marketing or to have an online store or shop else affiliate marketing.

If that is you then do not hesitate to have John Crestani’s Profit Genesis course.  More than a course it will guide you step by step in creating your shop or store or market place. Not only that it will guide you until you make profits.  learn more click here:  Profit Genesis

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What is Profit Genesis – 2.0?

Most of you, must have looked for or still searching for easy money on the network marketing field or online .  No wonder like me you must have caught up with several scammers and lost your money.  Some readers asked me whether or not I would strongly advise the Profit Genesis system. In order to make someone else’s mind, I want to break my expertise in the field of Profit Genesis. You can find a video with loads of great claims while you’re at the Profit Genesis online platform.

The video says that, without doing a huge amount of work, guys could indeed make $5,000 weekly basis. Then it says that the “secret system” doesn’t even include old methods.  Miracles may happen but hard work never fails.  It says you wouldn’t have to complete surveys or use other saturated changes in the economic methods. You only have to watch the training videos and implement the three-step system to get initiated. The money would seem to be starting to flow into your lap from that kind of point.

There is nothing given kept on the Golden Tray freely.  You need to have hard work.  Hard work with proper guidance.  That is where Profit Genesis appear.  There are more than 20 videos and bonuses.  You need to go through each process and build your own business.  On the go, the guidance will create your business and drive traffic to your site.  Once Traffic working properly your business will boom.  For that first, you need to work hard with profit Genesis – 2.0.  Then you need to do things accordingly or same time you can go through with the process step by step.  They assure your success. 

Listen Carefully

You cannot swim without going into the sea or river first you need to get into business then only you start swimming and balance your body.

I’ve seen a lot of “If it’s this” or “If it’s that” but nothing that will tell exactly what you’d be getting for your money I’ve even seen some say there’s no real substance inside, but don’t show or tell you what it is.  Well that all changes today, you see I’m going to go through the training, I’m not just going to be judging a book by its cover. I will show exactly what Profit Genesis 2.0 is.

Here is the course content:

First off, this program is intended to run over the course of 30 days being split up into 23 videos. Each video covers a different aspect of the training.  Profit Genesis 2.0 is all about showing you how to build out an eCommerce business with a Shopify store. Now I have no idea why the product creator wouldn’t want you to know that.

1-10 Day

  1. Video 1- Welcome and system summary
  2. Video 2 – Specific market selection of brand and viewing public investigation to identify the appropriate niche
  3. Video 3 – Guidelines for success outlining 7 steps to determine how well your niche is going to perform
  4. Video 4 – Tools to search for audiences and products are used
  5. Video 5 – Start Shop then choose a name for the shop
  6. Video 6 – Make your shopping payment Gateway work
  7. Video 7 – Identify and introduce Shipping specification to the shop
  8. Video 8 – How to make your current clients feel comfortable in your store
  9. Video 9 – Change the conversation of your shop and modify your existing shop name and Domain

So there you have your first 9 videos to get you started and set up the right way.

10th to 20th Day

  1. Video 10 – Discuss the various shopping applications you need
  2. Video 11 – Look into details about the app to find people who do not buy but visiting the site and make them attracted to buy.
  3. Video 12 – How to create a discount code for those without leaving the site and make them pursuant to buy
  4. Video 13 – See how the products you sell in your shop are actually provided 
  5. Video 14 – Examples of existing shops to get an idea of how people do
  6. Video 15 – Looking at various niche stores, such as a luminous bulb site
  7. Video 16 – A detailed review of short and long-term product research
  8. Video 17 – Conducting ideas and validating products for research

You have products in mind right now and you know where to get them.

21st-30th Day

  1. Video 18 – The process by which a product, including a description and an image, is actually added to your store
  2. video 19 – So you have your products in your store now
  3. Video 20 – Structuring your advertising campaign on Facebook
  4. Video 21 – Enter your initial ad to complete the Facebook advertising process.
  5. Video 22 – This video covers various options for fulfilling your website orders
  6. Video 23 – Summary, expectations, and next steps


Having not been involved in eCommerce before I didn’t really know a lot about it, but having gone through this training for this review I can say that if I was going to get started with Shopify then I would now know how to do that, I would know where to source the products and what types of products I should be looking for.  Really worth for money rather than deserting in this internet marketing field.   Throughout the course, you will be directed to the proper channels to find the correct product for the correct purposes.  Moreover, there is a person for you to make yourself correct.

Hope you will enjoy the course and at the same time creating your own business.  


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