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    Accounting Manual for Small & Medium Companies

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    Accounting Manual for Small & Medium Companies 

    With the large geographical coverage and high-value turnover, it is vital that the company have an organization-wide consistent, well-developed and diligent accounting system to manage, record and control its financial and accounting information timely, accurately and adequately. As part of the accounting system, the accounting policy and procedure manual have been drafted.

    Enhancement Package:

    With This Editable Word Accounting Manual, you get a complement of PDF Accounting Manual which you can go through and learn how to create the accounts for your small and medium companies.  All the accounting basics were introduced and without any guidance, you can create your Accounting set by referring to this manual.  Also, you can implement the Accounting Manual for your small and medium companies.

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    This Cash Management Procedure Manual is in word Document.  It can be edited as you want by changing its structure according to your hierarchy in the company’s Finance Department. You can add or remove paragraphs or sentences or pages according to your company’s requirements.

    The ultimate goal of cash management is to maximize liquidity and minimize the cost of funds.


    When it comes to creating and sustaining a company’s financial stability, cash management is a key component. Since “cash” is the primary asset used to pay obligations (whether you’re an individual or a company), it must be managed accordingly to maximize earnings. This impacts future growth for the company. Maintaining cash balances while earning a return on idle cash are also top concerns.

    If you fully integrate your business with online banking, it will provide you with greater control of your cash flows and accessibility. This is typically customizable, as each business is different and might require a different suite of cash management options and services.

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    Top Affiliate Tactics – E-Book

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    For those who starting Affiliate Marketing here are the best 8 methods that introducing to promote your affiliate products free.  Also, some of the methods if you are willing to do some paying advertisements.