The Value Of Human Life

The Value Of Human Life – Which a kind of fortune and merit should we have in Sansara, to be born in the time in Lord Buddha’s order heritage prevails. Not only that but also born with complete arms, legs, and perfect mind without being , lame, dumb, deaf, drooling or any kind of deform is enormous merit .

This book is written in sinhala. The link of the bana preaching is given below. It gives the real explanation about the value of human life and how difficult to be born as human within this sansara journey.

Dear beloved friends!!!

The time “Punyavanta Vaskala-[Three months of raining]” is over.  The month of “Cheevara-[Monk’s Dress]” has arrived. An opportunity, a time, for the devotees to perform a lot of penkam, for this year and this is the final month. People who understand the value of a time of vas gathering in a temple. They are listening to the Dharma, receiving the advice of the Lord Buddha and correcting their lives. Dear beloved friends, during this time, the devotees of the past did many things.  They fill their lives with merit. If we remember some great characters like that:

Ananda Maha Theru

First of all, we can remember our Lord Ananda. The supreme attendant of the Lord Buddha. King invited Lord Piyumatura Buddha for the Vas Season. Then, the king remained for three months and dedicatedly attended to the Blessed One. It was after completing such ablutions meritorious act, that the king wished the chief Attendy of the lord Gauthama Buddha.

Maha kappina Maha Rahat Theru

Maha Kappina Maharahat, in one of his birth, with his wife, gathered 1000 people from their “Hali” village. Then they invited 1000 inferior class of Buddha.[පසේ·බුදුන් : පසේ·බුදුන්, n. (පසේ fr. P. පච්චෙක=S. ප්‍රත්‍යෙ ක, each several, each, and බුදුන්), one of an inferior class of Buddhas, who appeared from time to time before Gautama Buddha. They had not the legibative power or prerogatives of a supreme Buddha and rendered no special assistance to others, though they themselves finally attained Nirvana.] Then they take care of all buddhas requirements, by handing over the responsibilities to each house of the village within that vas three months, They completed the vas pinkama in a useful way for the Sansara.